Monday, September 29, 2008

Trident Promotion

Well, I think I had my share for promotions this past summer! James and I worked a Trident Promotion a month ago and we had the best staff! It was so much fun because all of our friends worked the event! It was awesome! It was James, Me, Andrea, Jake, Craig, Tasha, and Ryan! and I thought I had tons of gum after the Stride promotion!... haha, well if anyone wants some gome just give me a call ;)

Here is are wonderful Penske truck! It was literally packed full of gum ceiling to floor!...and we handed out all of them!! We got kicked out of the mall, so we are just chillin ;)

Haha, so this was at the Utah game! This was the craziest crowd!! We got rid of so much gum this night! IT WAS CRAZY!!

Here are some awesome team pictures! EnJoY!

LoVe YoU gUys, YoU rOcK!