Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New House Tour

James and I got the keys to our new home this week, right before the Thanksgiving holiday. We have been moving boxes and furniture for the past few days trying to get moved out of our apartment. We only have a few things left in our storage unit and we will be officially all moved in -- and then to the fun part, unpacking! :) 

The morning we got the keys to the house, we pulled up with a trailer full of our stuff and I told James to wait - that I wanted to hurry and take some pictures of all the rooms before we started filling them with boxes. I am so glad I did. 

We are loving our new home and I wanted to share a few of the pictures I took. Check it out!

[Living Room]

[Dining Nook & Kitchen]

[Master Bath]

[Upstairs Bedrooms]

Monday, November 18, 2013

Young Women in Excellence
[Once Upon A Time]

Last week was Young Women in Excellence and I had some fun making cute printables and handouts for the event. We decided to go with the theme, Once Upon a time (Cinderella, pumpkins, and glass slippers) to tie in with this year's mutual theme, Stand in Holy Places.

Take a look at the fun pictures below along with a free download. *I've been getting requests for a customized invite, program, and coordinating printables. Please email me at for details if you would like me to design any additional printables to go along with the free downloads. :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

House Update

Our house has come so far! It has been so much fun seeing our house come together and to see the progress -- from a whole in the ground to a fully framed home. Every day after work, James and I grab dinner and head over to our property to take a look at the new developments and make future plans.

This has been an interesting time in our lives. All of our things are packed into a storage unit and James and I have been living in a little 2 bedroom apartment while waiting for our house to be built. We have literally been living off of bare essentials and I have been known to say that it feels like we are living our first years of marriage all over again. Its sorta fun to relive that phase of life again.

There have been so many nice things about bumming it this summer. My office is just down the street. Our apartment is right across the street from the new recreation center. And I refuse to cook in our teeny kitchen, so we eat out every day. Our apartment actually feels more like a hotel room. We really are only in the apartment to sleep, shower, or to watch T.V.

James and I are so excited to get into our new home and lay down some roots. So I guess we will be living in Utah for a while!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sundance Sunday

James and I drove up the canyon to Sundance Resort and enjoyed our Sunday outdoors. It was fun exploring and taking pictures of the gorgeous fall leaves. The weather was perfect -- especially since Provo has had crazy weather. Sooner than later everything is going to be covered in snow and winter will be upon us. 

This past week has been so busy. James and I have had events and responsibilities every day this week, so I have been anticipating a relaxful Sunday. That is what I love about Sunday so much - I get James all to myself all day long. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Concert in the Lot

I got to help my friend Stephanie Boyd plan an outdoor concert featuring music from her album, Touching Sky. It was so much fun helping her plan every detail and seeing the event come together. 

We stuck to a red and blue color theme for the concert and incorporated vintage furniture, enormous balloons with fringe tassel, and lots of yummy food. We had a fun snack bar consisting of soda bottles, popcorn, licorice, and brownies. 

Stephanie did an amazing job and put on an awesome show. She is soooo good on stage and her music is inspirational. It was such a magical night. Stephanie - you rock.