Thursday, October 3, 2013

House Update

Our house has come so far! It has been so much fun seeing our house come together and to see the progress -- from a whole in the ground to a fully framed home. Every day after work, James and I grab dinner and head over to our property to take a look at the new developments and make future plans.

This has been an interesting time in our lives. All of our things are packed into a storage unit and James and I have been living in a little 2 bedroom apartment while waiting for our house to be built. We have literally been living off of bare essentials and I have been known to say that it feels like we are living our first years of marriage all over again. Its sorta fun to relive that phase of life again.

There have been so many nice things about bumming it this summer. My office is just down the street. Our apartment is right across the street from the new recreation center. And I refuse to cook in our teeny kitchen, so we eat out every day. Our apartment actually feels more like a hotel room. We really are only in the apartment to sleep, shower, or to watch T.V.

James and I are so excited to get into our new home and lay down some roots. So I guess we will be living in Utah for a while!