Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KC Masterpiece Promotion

This past Friday James and I worked a promotion at the Tim McGraw Concert. It was a blast since we were working with all of our friends. I was so happy that Alicia Christensen worked the event with me! At the event we pretty much hosted carnival games and gave out prizes to people and then were paid to watch the concert! Here are just some pictures of us at the event...

James is so cute ;)

Alicia and I are handing out Tim McGraw guitar pics!

Joe and Katie didn't need to work at the event so they were paid $30 just to watch the show!


  1. How fun! Ryan & me want to work these events with you guys! Get it set up for us :)

  2. Whit!!!! You look like you two have a really fun job! I was an independent contractor for a company called Attack Marketing, and I did the same promos you are doing! I did it at Warped Tour 07 for Tag body spray. Haha I thought it was so fun and hilarious, and the most money I'd ever made in one day!!! Looks fun. Cute page, love love love it!!!!