Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Driving to Lagoon

While my family was up in Utah, we spent a whole day at Lagoon. The car ride up, I was camera happy and took a lot of pictures and video with my phone. I love my family, they are so cute. I miss them already and they only just left...

Enjoy :]

I love the facial expressions, it is so their personalities.

Look at them, they are soooo cute.

My cute husband. He is such a good sport hanging out with my family. James just runs off with my brothers, he could probably play with them all day.

Will can make the funniest faces. He always cracks me up.

I am trying to get them to dance in this video:

Will's duck impersonation:

Will's dance moves:

Interviewing Sam and McCall:

James, hiding from the camera:


  1. ahhh your fam is so huge and SO CUTE!!!!!!! wow what fun to have so many lil ones!

  2. your family is seriously the cutest ever...makes me want to have a big family too!!!

  3. looks like so much fun. :) you guys are cute

  4. I love your family. the videos crack me up- its fun having younger siblings huh? I am excited to see ya this week at the partay! We can finally catch up and take some pictures. Ry was just saying last night that we need to go on a double date with you guys- let me know if you guys are down!!