Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My First City Council Presentation!!!

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to present Provo's First Night Celebration to the City Council!! It was an awesome experience and a great learning opportunity for me! Here is the video, and you can watch me present at the 24:00 min on the time line!!


  1. you did so awesome whit...way to go! i love that you are such a goal getter and do so well in your job :)

  2. Holy Crap Whit! that is sooo incredibly awesome! Sheesh! Your like a professional er something! Holy cow... soo cool... GOOD JOB!

  3. Whitney you are so cute. Good job. You always amaze me. Youre such a go getter. You rock. I love you and yes we need to play soon. It's been too long.

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