Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Carnival Part 1

The events that I put on remind me of planning a wedding. So many months of preparation, and it is all over in one day. Friday was the Halloween Carnival at The Center, and it went so good! We had over 1,000 people come to the event.

Here is the walk through of the Alice in Wonderland Activity Maze:

The Door Room ~ When you enter Alice in Wonderland, the first room you come to is the door room. In the middle of the room is a table with "eat me" cakes and "drink me" drinks :) Each kid got their own and were told to take a bite so we could fit through the "little door". Then the kids were asked which door was the right door to go through. The white rabbit then opens the right door, but behind the door is a smaller door, and then an even smaller door. Just the right size for the kids to walk right through. (The adults had to duck through :)


The Flower Garden ~ After you go through the door, you are in the flower garden. There was a musical piano on the floor and all of the decorations were musical toys.

The Caterpillar ~ The next room is where you can find the caterpillar. As you walk by you can reach out and pop the fog bubbles! The kids loved popping the bubbles and watching the fog disperse.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ~ You then get to hear a skit from the Tweedles and pick an oyster to win a prize!

The Cheshire Cat~ You then head into the forest where the Cheshire Cat is. He is always pulling pranks, so be careful he might spray you with silly string!


Mad Hatter and Alice~ The kids then get to join the Mad Hatter and Alice at their tea party. They were able to sit at the table and make their own Italian soda. It was a very merry unbirthday.

The Red Queen~ You then walk through the hedge maze that leads you to the Red Queen. The kids get to play croquet with a flamingo and a hedge hog, and if they miss "then off with their heads". As you exit Wonderland you look through the doorknob and see Alice sleeping on the other side.


  1. that is A LOT of work. i'm impressed! i'm sure the kiddos loved it.

  2. WOW! That was awesome! What were you and Jamesy for Halloween!?