Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy, Happy New Year

My new year was spent at the Provo Towne Centre Mall for the Countdown in Provo New Year Event. The event turned out great! This year there was live bands, dancers, karaoke, food eating contests, star singing competition, climbing wall, photo booths, laser tag, crafts, games, dancing, fireworks, etc...! My family was in town for my event, so they were able to come! It was so much fun having them there. It was nice to take a break and hang out with my family throughout the night whenever I had some free time.

I still need to get some photos from some family members - we got some great footage of the event. My family had a blast. They did the food eating contest, laser tag, photo booths (pictures coming soon) and even danced with the Hare Krishna in the Center Ring. It was awesome!

The Venetian Warlocks

Family dancing on the escalators :)

Food Eating Contest

Dancing to the Fireworks

It was such a fun night. The best New Years ever! What made it so great was having to whole family together.

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  1. It looks like yall had lots of fun! I love the pics!