Thursday, May 31, 2012

Worky Work

Sometimes, I just have nothing to blog about and it is because I spend most (all) of my day at work. I spend at least 11 hours a day away from home! Luckily I love my job, so it isn't bad! 

Oh, here are some random work pictures...

Here is what I usually have stocked in my fridge. I love chocolate milk for breakfast :) 

Occasionally, we take the staff out for a fun activity. Laser tag for Secretary Day :)

Work meeting at Brick Oven Pizza for Lunch.

 Slept in - which means ponytail for work!

Took a tour of the new Recreation Center! The building is massive, and will open spring 2013!


  1. Tutorial please of how you do your eyeliner PERFECTLY!??? Whit, you're such a babe!

  2. wow yes your eyeliner looked AMAZING in that pic!
    I love your cute office! i miss visiting. you do have such a fun job and your so good at it!! I want chocolate milk now! yummmmm