Monday, September 17, 2012

James' Hipster BBQ

James birthday party on Saturday was so much fun thanks to so many good friends who were there to celebrate! Thank you to everyone who came - James was so happy! 

James' party was a hipster barbecue - so of course to go along with the theme, I had to paint a giant mustache to hang on the front of our house! 

We had some fun accessories for everyone to wear: Hipster Mustaches, Ray Ban Eyewear, and I Heart Mustache Buttons. 

There was also a bunch of hipster art that I printed off and framed throughout the house :)

And you can't have a Hipster party without a mustache wall. 

Check out the refrigerator! haha - it's all about the small details :)

The awesome party guests and some pretty awesome "hipster" pictures!

Happy birthday James, I love you so much!


  1. Turned out so all the details!

  2. You are seriously one amazing party planner! Our kiddies were both sick and I am so sad we had to miss it:-(
    Happy birthday James!

  3. Such a great bday! I love the party! WHITNEY! you are incredible. xoxo

  4. you are awesome! you don't leave out one detail, i love it!! def. deserve best wife award for this party!

  5. this is awesome! I wanted to throw a "mustache party" but there's no way one can top that! Nice job.

  6. Wow! Is the mustache above the garage painted cardboard? It looks masterfully symmetrical.

  7. AW never saw all these pics. YOu seriously did amazing! in love with the mustache wall. you stinkin creative wifey. and i love how you thought of everything like the pics on the fridge! AWESOME