Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swiss Days

This past weekend my awesome aunt Jami invited me to go up to Midway for Swiss Days! I had never heard about it before and it sounded fun especially since it was going to be just a girls outing. She was so cute and organized the whole trip!! We all met at her house and carpooled up to Park City. It was such a blast hanging out with just the girls. There were a total of ten of us that stayed the weekend. Jami got a rad condo in Park City that she and her friends stayed at and the rest of us stayed the night at Josephine's Condo, which I am in love with! I thought Swiss Days was a really neat event, but it was so crowded! There were people all over in that little town! I did like all of the cute booths they had even though I didn't buy a single thing! But of course, after we had seen the whole event, we had to hit up the outlet mall in Park City! I got a sweet deal on some Van's shoes for $15....Here are some pictures of the weekend!

In this picture there is Jami's sister Chanel, my sister Alex, my cousin-in-law Carissa, Jami, me, and my sister-in-law-to-be Josephine!

The food lines were out of control... They had a lot of yummy food, but I did not want to stand in all of the lines.

This was the coolest playhouse ever! Haha, aren't Jos and I just so cute!

You can see in this picture how packed it was!

This is at Josephine's condo. She has a hot tub on her patio and a sweet hamick. I loved her place so much! James and I will definitely have to come visit more often ;)

So it was pretty much a fun weekend! We will definitely have to do a girls thing again!


  1. Yay! that was so fun =) no fair how you look cute in like every pic ;) lol

  2. i am soo excited for maui too...can't wait to be done with all the planning and celebrate already ;)