Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jim Sturgess


Ok, so I cannot get enough of Across the Universe Soundtrack. The Beatles are amazing, but even more I love the sound of Jim Sturgess's voice! I just rewatched the movie last week and I forgot how much I love the music in it! All of my favorite parts in the movie are sung by Jim sturgess. My most favorite part in the movie is the Bowling Alley where he sings "I have just seen a face". It is the cutest part of the movie. I also love "Revolution" and "All My Loving"!! I put all of the best songs onto my music playlist. -so check them out! If you have not seen this movie you should! And you should get the soundtrack!


  1. Whit i love your blog! and i love that soundtrack too!! im obsessed! i can't wait to move to utah and be close to you guys. we'll have to have a reunion! love you guys

  2. Hey I didn't know you were a Recreation Managment and Youth Leadership major. My sister Sharon that was at my house on Thursday graduated from BYU with that same major!

  3. I am so feelin ya on the whole, Across the universe thing, wow, did I love that movie and wow, how I love the soundtrack even more. We must be family or something because our two minds think alike. I think i am going to log off right now and go listen to it ! loov yooo!