Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carlsbad Caverns

Welcome to our Carlsbad Caverns guided tour:

James was so excited to take me to the caverns! We decided to make the trip into a two day stay. We drove up in the afternoon so we could watch the bats fly out at dusk and then stayed the night in Carlsbad so we could go through the caves the next morning. They have a cool amphitheater at the natural entrance were everyone sits and waits to see the bats... It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen, I couldn't believe how many bats there were! James and I even adopted a bat at the end of our trip ;)

On the drive up to Carlsbad, there were these really cool cactus called Centuries along the road. It thought they looked cool so we stopped to take pictures of them.

The next day we woke up early to get breakfast and then headed out to the caves!!

This little guy was posing for the camera. Look how cool he looks, I love his blue belly.

We had these audio tour wands that would tell us all about the cavern's history, explorers, formations, etc... It was fun to learn all about how the caves were formed. We even did trivia on the drive home. Dang we are smart.

Here are some pictures inside the caves. It was so awesome. There were so many interesting crazy formations. These pictures are fun, but it is so much better in real life. I seriously felt like I was on a different planet when I was down there. It was crazy to think that I was hundreds of feet under the ground...It really was such a surreal experience.

This has been such a fun and unique trip so far! James and I are having tons of fun visiting his family. We love Las Cruces.


  1. sweet! so are you guys still in ca?

  2. I'm so jealous of all your fun adventures! Those pictures are beautiful! I'll have to put that on my places to go list.
    What are you guys doing on the 25th? We want to get a group together to go to the tumble gym.

  3. hey cute girl, i don't know what you were talkin about on my blog b/c i love YOUR pictures! you are so cute it's ridiculous! durkin girls got it goin on. we're just tryin to keep up