Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Ready

Every summer I always get a season pass to Seven Peaks, and I am so lucky this summer because I get to have my cute sister Alex living here in Provo with me! So we both got passes and this is where we will be everyday on my lunch break...and every Saturday! I feel so lucky to have her here, she really is my best friend.

And I did something crazy for me, I lightened my hair! I have had it dark forever. Thank you Jami! You did an awesome job. ;)


  1. That sounds so fun! I want to go to seven peaks, but I can't.
    Could you count for me all the signs that say "Do not ride if you are pregnant"?..Boo.
    Oh yeah can we have another girls night?
    And last of all, could the two of you be more gorgeous?

  2. i LOVE the light hair whitney. it looks so so good.

    and you and your sister are pretty pretty.

    isn't summer the best!

  3. awww i love your hair...have you colored it even lighter from last time I saw you??? it looks like it? you two are too cute...and i am happy we will be living close to each other soon!

  4. Whit- love your hair light!! =) You are seriously the hottest thing ever! =)

  5. I LOOOOOOOVE your hair. Lightening was a great choice.
    I saw you at 7peaks last summer! That was fun!
    You two have stunning eyes.

  6. i really do like your hair! wow you can pull off anything! i know its fun to have your sister around. my little sis is here in Rexburg for the summer and i love it too!

  7. ugh, CUTEST pictures ever, two total hotties. love the hair (you already know this). you guys are beautiful. have fun together, i'm jealous you have your sis!

  8. I love you hair! Such a fun change! You and your sister are so beautiful! I can't wait until my little sister moves up here!