Sunday, September 13, 2009

Molly's Wedding

Yay! Molly got married over the Labor Day weekend!! Alex, James, Andrea and I were able to drive down to Vegas to be there and celebrate her wedding. It was so good to be able to be home for the holiday too. I can never get enough of my family when I go home.

Molly's colors were black, white, and purple.

We were all starving after pictures at the temple so we of course stopped at In N Out.

It was a fun night! Congrats Molly and Michael, we LOVE you.


  1. YAAAAY! perfect! i so happy for molly wolly! you guys looked beautiful as always

  2. Cute! Those are my sister's wedding colors too! She is getting married in November

  3. You look gorgeous in purple- love it! I had so much fu nwith you this week= you are just a hoot and a holla! I love ya! PS i think i saw your cute sister Tatum? today at California Pizza kitchen- is that possible? I was going to be like hey are your whitney's sister-but didn't want her t obe like okay blog stalker HAH!

  4. Hey! where do you find these cute backgrounds? I went to shabbyblogs and didnt really find anything cute... Am I missing a link? and your FONTS are freakin cute too... how'd ya do that?

    love you...