Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving! This past weekend, James and I flew down to Las Cruces, NM to spend time with James family. We flew back to Utah yesterday so I could be home in time for my big event: Parade of Lights. I am coordinating Provo's first annual Parade of Lights on Black Friday. I am glad that James and I were able to be with family even though I will be working during the holidays. Since we spent Thanksgiving in Utah by ourselves :) we decided to do the nontraditional Thanksgiving meal and eat out!

We went to Cracker Barrel for their Thanksgiving Dinner Special. It was sooo good. Tatum stayed in Utah too, so she spent the day with us. The day has been so fun and so relaxing. I love the holidays!

After having our Thanksgiving meal, we went and saw the movie Tangled. The movie was so cute and funny. I want to go see it again. We of course had to sport the 3D glasses.

 This is the best picture I could get of James. He is always a tease when it comes to getting a picture of just him. I had to delete about 10 pictures until I could get a cute one. I sure do think he is cute :)

If anyone is in town this weekend, come to the parade tomorrow!! It will be on Center Street in Provo at 5:30 pm. The parade will be followed by the Lights On Ceremony!


  1. You are so pretty whit! I miss you!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I can't wait until my little sister moves up here next year!
    PS We still need to get together soon! I want to see your new house!

  3. I love Crate and Barrel! Next time we are in town we are sooo going there! You and Tatum are so pretty its naughty! ;)