Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jazz Night

Two weeks ago was my work Employee Association Christmas Party. Every year they do a big raffle and give away tons of big prizes. -Around the office everyone knows that I never win any of the raffles... for example: last year, at our department party I was probably the only person who didn't get my name drawn for a prize... Well, guess what? At the party, my name was drawn for the NuSkin Jazz tickets package! James and I were able to use the tickets last Monday {which went down as on of the best Mondays in my life}.

We got free parking passes and tickets to have dinner before the game at the restaurant on the top floor. James and I felt VIP all night long.

Our seats were center court, sixth row!! So much fun. After dinner they gave us dessert and drinks to-go, so we could eat them while watching the game. 

During half time, James and I were able to go to the Sponsor's Lounge - more free drinks and treats to take back to your seat!


  1. You look so cute Whit. Miss your guts!

  2. Sounds like an amazing date/prize! Just found your blog, and i love it!