Thursday, August 16, 2012

La Jolla

My brother Leo is leaving on his mission to New York, New York on the 22nd, so my family planned a quick little family vacation to San Diego. It has been such a good trip. We have been waking up early every day to go running {I love running in California, it is so beautiful and the weather is amazing.}, going to the beach every day, and spending time with my dad's family. I love it. Being here brings me back to my childhood when I used to live here.

[The Beach House]

[La Jolla]

Last time we will be all together! [for a long time] Love my family!


  1. This will be your families first missionary huh!??? Having a missionary out blesses the ENTIRE family and it is so much fun to get letters. I am thrilled for you guys. And what a sweet mission to go to!!! He will have stoooories!! My uncle served in NY somewhere and really loved it (granted that was over 20 yrs ago so it definitely has changed since!)

    That group beach shot is awesome. Frame that one!!

  2. i love family vacations. especially when the beach is involved. looks like a really great time. i LOve that last shot of your family! such a great pic. exciting about your brother off to serve a mission!

  3. What a fun idea before you guys are sending Will off! The family picture is so awesome...defintely frame it! Love Love San Diego!!!