Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank You Tom Anderson

So it has been 6 years since James and I first met! We met on August 2, 2006 in front of Glenwood Apartments. He invited me to an outdoor movie, but I couldn't go because I had a huge paper due the next day. I ended up calling him after I got the paper done that night and we went to Ihop with a bunch of friends. I guess I liked him so much that we ended up hanging out every day after that!

The funny thing about how James and I met, is the fact that we first started talking to each other on Myspace - yes, Myspace! Haha. 

I forgot that I saved the messages of our first conversations, and found them recently. Oh how I love technology.  So here you go, enjoy. (The phone number is no longer James's number.)

So when people ask us how we met, James likes to tell a partial truth -- the story of how we met through a mutual friend, Tom Anderson :)

I love this man! Every year gets better and better!


  1. myspace!!! haha i love this. so great to have record of it. thank you social media!

  2. that is so awesome! i love this. you two are so cute together.