Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Work Happenings

So much has been happening at work lately! I have been relocated at the City Center because The Center has been demolished. The process to close a building and move everything into storage took up a lot of my January. One of our beloved items that I had to choose to get rid of was our dragons. :( 
We decided to pull a prank on my boss and we dropped 2 dragons off at his home while he was at work. The dragon pictured was left in his backyard, hehe. I have been busy working on projects for the new Recreation Center and staying busy planning events. 

We said goodbye to all of our part-time staff who worked at The Center. We invited them to an evening with Mark Ballas at the Covey Center :) It was such a fun production and the audience was going crazy :) 

Easter has already begun for me. My event staff have been busy filling 16,000 Easter Eggs - and that is them squished into a children's cart to buy Easter candy. What a crazy but fun job I have.

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