Monday, June 24, 2013

New Mexican Birthday

I spent my 27th birthday in New Mexico with James' family. Ate yummy Mexican food, had sparklers on my cake and received a lot of very nice birthday wishes. It was a perfect birthday.

Ever since my 23rd birthday I have been bad at remembering my age. I don't know if it is because time starts speeding up as you get older, or if birthdays are different when you are an adult, but I always think I am a year younger than I really am. (Or maybe I am just in denial.)

Just last night I asked James if I was 27 because I couldn't remember, haha.

I actually missed my 25th year - I don't even know what it feels like to be 25 :) For an entire year I thought I was 24 years old. Whenever anyone asked me how old I was, I would tell them that I was 24 and I honestly believed I was!  So on my 26th birthday, I went from being 24 to 26. haha


  1. You went from 24 to 26, a good jump indeed. I wish you a very happy birthday. I must also say that you are a cute looking girl.

    Feel free to check my blog about 18th birthday wishes.

  2. Okay whit this is so funny. I am the exact opposite. Every year I think I'm turning a year older then I am. I swear I have been 25 this whole year but I'm 24? Chip makes fun of me cus he will catch me telling people the wrong age. Oops! I totally get it. Glad you had such a fun birthday!! New Mexico looks so fun! Love you lots sister!