Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ikea Storage Boxes & Printable Labels

So I have been slowly trying to get organized in our new home, but let me tell you it is a work in progress. I have so many fun ideas and projects that I want start (I should probably stay off Pinterest for a while) that I have decided to focus on one project at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. This past weekend I decided I wanted to tackle my craft room and start by organizing all of my storage containers.

I have my craft room set up upstairs in our bonus room above the garage. I love this room because of the fun ceilings, the gorgeous view, and how much space I get -- I can do some serious crafting in this room. I am currently using Ikea's Kasset Line of paper and media storage boxes to organize my craft and office supplies. I really love these boxes, they look great and I love the contrast of the kraft paper with the white bookcase. They also do a good job at keeping all of my little nicknacks organized. Ikea has them in all sizes and colors and at a good price too.

So I got busy and reorganized all of my stuff. Question, why does it feel so good to organize drawers and boxes? It can't be just me who feels this way. Nothing looks like it changed on the outside, but you know that everything is where it is suppose to be. I even had James come and take a look -- I was so proud of my hard work. I am not sure if he appreciated it as much as I did. :)

Designing the labels was the funnest part. After getting all of the boxes they way I wanted, I created new labels for each one. I really love the they way everything turned out. If you like the labels that I created I have made them available for you to download.

If you have the Ikea boxes you can download these babies right here »

Now that my craft room is organized the next step is decorating...


  1. I love what you did with the shelves! They look great. You definitely should be proud. I also love the plant. I'm a plant lover so whenever I see one I get a little bit excited. No joke. If I could turn our house into a greenhouse I would... but then where would we live?

    I'm still a little embarrassed that you guys came over when our house was a disaster. It really is clean more often than not! hahaha.