Monday, February 17, 2014

Makeup Organization

I have been wanting to organize my bathroom - particularly my makeup. I have never really had a specific way I organize my makeup. I have always just used one container where I stash all of my goods. Through the years as I have collected more and more [you know how that goes] I decided that the one container method is probably not the best way to store my makeup. It also makes it hard to keep everything clean -- since all of my makeup is just thrown into one tub. 

So I knew I needed to find a new method that would work better for me. I needed something to separate my makeup but still kept things accessible and functional. Something easy to grab and use. 

James and I were at Ikea over the weekend, and I saw their pull-out storage line, Kupol. Right when I saw these I knew they would work perfectly to organize my makeup. They have them in different sizes and you can combine and stack them however you want! I also love their simple design and that they are easy to clean.

So I got to work and organized my make up into different drawers. I also labeled each drawer with chalkboard stickers that I got at Michael's. 

I am currently storing these containers under my sink and I love how easy it is to pull out whatever drawer I need. I think that is what I love most about these pull out storage containers. If I need my "face" makeup, I just pull out that specific drawer. 

And you can stack them however you want!

And yes, I have been hiding behind these babies the entire time I was taking pictures. :) How do you organize your makeup?

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