Monday, May 11, 2009


So my cousins are way good at BMX and the other day they had a small jump out and were just messing around at our family party. For some random reason, Alex and I decided that we wanted to try it out. I get really nervous when I try things for the first time but I love to make myself do things out of my comfort zone. So after Alex did it a couple of times, I had to do it! Of course I fell my first time but it wasn't bad at all! I went off the jump a few times after that and landed every time.
I think I am addicted to jumping bikes now! I can't stop thinking about it, I just want to do it again and get better! Haha, I think I also had a burst of adrenaline because I didn't feel like I hurt myself at all, but today both of my hands are way sore from the landing... It was so fun though, why did I not do this when I was a kid?


  1. whoohooo!! That looks like fun! Well I got a job working with disabled people....I am helping them with this government project for the Navy right now. It is actually the most boring job I have ever had and it pays crap!! ahhh I want out of Rexburg!!!

  2. i love that picture of you sitting in the grass. cute cute.

  3. i like these pictures, especially when you time in high school my sisters and i tried this really cool skateboarding thing where your feet are strapped in but each side of the board (each foot) moves in different directions and you get really confused.

  4. That seriously looks like fun.
    Why do I feel like the picture of you on the grass belongs in some magazine ad??? UR Pretty.