Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dakota Fanning

Okay, I can't get over how beautiful Dakota Fanning looks in this picture! She is all grown up!

I just found out that she will be one of the vampires in the movie New Moon! She is playing Jane, who is a high ranking guard in the Italian "royal family" named the Volturi.

A little about her character: Jane possesses a formidable gift that frightens even the strongest of vampires; she can create the illusion of a pain second only to the fire of vampire venom coursing through one's veins - excruciating pain that leaves anyone bearing it collapsed and writhing on the floor. There is but one exception to her wrath, Isabella Swan. The immunity to Jane's special power infuriates her greatly, to the point that Bella may have developed a new and very dangerous enemy.


  1. I can't get over Dakota either. She is such a woman now! I think she will be perfect as Jane. It's weird cause I imagined the Volturri all a bit older but, duh, they are young and beautiful too.

  2. oooh Fun! i'm excited to see her in New Moon.

    she is cute...and a real good actress. impressive.

  3. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THAT MOVIE! it better be better than twlight! twilight movie blowed in my opinion, way too empty and boring you can't feel the emotions you do in the book. but dakota fanning is a total grown up babe now, i so agree. she will be perfect for jane, just how i would picture!

  4. She is beautiful! She is so adorable and I can't wait to see her has Jane in New Moon! I loved her in Push!
    Have you seen her little sister Elle lately? She has turned out super cute too! She was in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  5. its so addicting...isn't it :) i love your background...i saw it and really wanted to use it too but then i thought no no no...don't steal whitney's cute background...find your own...so i looked for hours and i finally found this one hehe...hope to see you guys soon we miss you!!!