Friday, July 24, 2009

New Boat Owners!!

James and I have been talking about getting a boat for the longest time... Lately he has been browsing KSL and researching boats. I thought that was pretty cool, but I did not really think anything of it. Last week James was running errands, and was not really having the best day... He had been gone for a while and I had gotten off work and was just waiting for him to come home. He called me and told me he was 5 minutes away and was starving. When he got home he came up to the door to get me for dinner, I thought that it was sort of weird because usually he will just call me to run out to the car, but again I did not really think anything of it. As we were walking out to the car I was busy telling James a story and was not paying attention. James started laughing and when I looked up I realized why! He had bought a wakeboard boat and I was standing right in front of it!!!!

We took the boat out yesterday and here are some pics:


  1. dude SWEET! you guys have a freaking boat, that is so dope b/c that's years of fun ahead! LUCKY!!!

    and WHIT you figured out how to make the fonts all cute on your blog, like what i did! haha isn't it the longest most ridiculous annoying process ever? i couldn't even believe i did it--i only did it b/c i wanted cute fonts that bad. we are funny.

  2. whitney,
    i love your new boat!
    what an awesome surprise!!!

  3. love the boat + love the blog = love whitney :) you guys are going to have so much fun...just don't forget me when you go to lake powell k!!!

    PS: how did you interview go?

  4. p.s. you made your font so cute and fun! how did you change the colors? i couldn't figure it out!!! blog me? heehee

  5. That's hilarious! Congrats, that is so much fun! That sounds like something my husband would do! What a fun surprise!

  6. Awesome Whit! This is perfect for you and James! :)