Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sea World

James and I were able to go down to San Diego a little early, before our family reunion. It was such a fun time to spend, just with him. It was also his first time visiting my family in San Diego. It was such an awesome trip.

My grandma was able to get us free tickets to Sea World! We felt so lucky and we had the best time there. I want to go back, I miss all of the animals :]

I loved touching the sting rays! They are crazy feeling, all gushy - that's how I describe it.

The sea lions crack me up. They were going crazy when people had sardines. It was fun you could feed them over the glass and they would come right up to you! I loved it.

I think one of my favorite parts about sea world is their "all you can eat." We paid $30 each for us to eat all day. It was awesome! I felt like I was a VIP member, haha. I think we would go get food after ever show.

I loved where we ate too! James chose this spot because he knows how much I love turtles.


  1. I could live at sea world. it is so much fun. I love the dolphin and killer whale shows the best.

  2. sooo much fun...i remember sea world in san diego...i think this is my favorite kind of amusement park...i prefer it over disneyland :)

  3. dude that is so legit! lucky kids! sounds so fun and why are you always so freaking adorable.

    p.s. i love animals too. spence got to swim with dolphins a few weeks ago and now i wanna go!!! come to hawaii!

  4. Sea World is so much fun! I am totally jealous! When I was younger I wanted to be a trainer at Sea World!
    I love that you and James get to do so many fun things!