Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cat Eye Tutorial

You are going to want to use a liquid eyeliner in black to get the desired look. My favorite liquid eyeliner is Revlon's ColorStay. It has a sponge tip instead of a thin brush. I feel like it is easier to use and I have more control trying to draw a smooth line.

Your going to start by drawing a line along your lash line. Start at the inner corner of your eye and drag your eyeliner along your lash line to the outer corner. Stay right up to your lash line (don't leave any gaps) and follow your eyes natural curve. (Tip: I rest my elbow on the counter while drawing my line. It gives me more control and a steadier hand.)

Then you are going to want to draw a line that extends past your eyelash line. I use the angle of my lower lid and draw from there. You can also imagine a line from the outside corner to the end of your brow, that becomes the angle for the wing.  

Here is another angle so you can see that the line is an extenuation of my lower lid. You are going to want to use light brush strokes, slowly draw the wing at that angle. 

Then just fill in the corner of your liner creating a smooth line.


The fun thing about this look, is that you can go as dramatic as you would like, just by making your line thicker and your wing longer.


  1. I love this look...I just haven't been brave enough to try it ;)

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  2. Loving that cat eye look! And your watch!!

  3. thank you! it's a great look on you

  4. im loving your tutorials lately

    1. Thanks Julie! I am glad you like them. :)

  5. CAT EYE LOOK! I knew you were a true cat fan through and through.

  6. I suck at make-up...defintely have to take advantage of your tutorials!