Monday, June 2, 2014

Sea Inspired Baby Shower Invite

For the past few months I have been dreaming up a baby shower for my sister Tatum. To be exact, I have been planning the party since January! Right when we found out she was having a baby boy I immediately started thinking of fun party themes and ideas. The theme for this baby shower came to me almost immediately. I knew it would be such a fun idea to throw a sea inspired party. The tricky part was defining the look and feel of the decorations. I didn't want something too beachy or too nautical but something in between - think mermaid inspired but with a boyish charm.

When it comes to a party, I feel like the invitation sets the tone and is the part that really starts the momentum for the event. I usually will think about the design of the invite first before designing the rest of the party. While designing this particular invite - it took me a little longer than I expected to come up with the right look and layout. I spent hours running thoughts and concepts through my head and even sketched a few different drafts until I came up with an inspired design. I think my favorite part about the invite is how the blue ombre pattern looks like waves on the bottom half but looks like scales on the top half. It really does set the tone and feel for the party. I purchased the kraft paper envelopes from Michaels, and the pearl paper invites from The Paper Store - I love how they go together.

While I was thinking up ideas for the invites, I realized that it can be a little tricky planning a baby shower for a boy. I learned that the key is to keep the mother in mind. There still needs to be a feminine touch that makes her feel special (take note of the pearl paper invites). So how do you tie in something girly? I started thinking about this and realized that Tatum needed a mermaid crown for her sea inspired baby shower! It is all about the little details. :)

This is my first time throwing a baby shower for a boy and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Surprisingly, all of the parties I have thrown have been for girls - actually let me take that back, I did throw a Hipster BBQ for James and it was pretty epic.

I will be sharing pictures of the party soon, so stay tuned!

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