Friday, July 27, 2012

Hoedown Throwdown

Howdy kids. Tuesday was the Pioneer Day Extravaganza, and boy was it a hit! There were at least 5,000 people at the park! 

James visited me while I was working the event.

Photo Booth with the Staff!

For the Pioneer Day Extravaganza, the event staff danced the Hoedown Throw Down on the Main Stage after the Flag Ceremony! It was so much fun! Here are some pictures of the dance.

It was such a great event! The best one yet! Happy Pioneer Day.


  1. Wow 5,000 people at the park! I'm shocked by the number. I love the photos, it looks like you'd a great time!

  2. i love that your an event planner. when alex and i were roomies she used to tell me about all the things you would create as kids for you to all pretend, like movie theatre nights or tea parties i can't really remember she told me lots haha. but she explained how you would make lots of stuff and everyone would play a role! sounds like such a creative mind and now its your career, perfect :)