Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spring Creek Jedi

I just got back from Girl's Camp, and I still feel like I am on a Girl's Camp high! This past week has been a lot of work but also very rewarding. The amount of work that goes into planning Girl's Camp and all the people involved is amazing. I am so thankful for all of the support and the positive attitudes. I love the Young Women's program and I am so thankful for all the girls that I was able to bond with this week, I love them all so much!

My ward was the Spring Creek Jedi's - so there was a lot of Star Wars theming going on :)

Were's Waldo? I brought a few costumes and props from work that the girls had a lot of fun dressing up in.

Bishop with his curly locks, haha. By the end of camp his hair was pink and his nails were glittered. The guys were such good sports.

Skit Night - the funnest part of camp!

Our Darth Vader Pinata

Such a fun group of girls!

Some of our crafts and handouts:

Camp was fun, but I am sure glad to be home and to be able to sleep in my bed again! The first thing I did was take a shower, curl my hair and go shopping, haha.


  1. Love your gingham adorable! girl, your eyelashes are killer!

    I (sorta) miss girls camp! I would love to be able to go now as a leader and actually have some authority!!!

  2. I can only imagine how awesome a camp would be when planned by you. Let's plan a retreat for the Center!